City of Hazleton

Request for Proposals (RFP) Professional Services for that of Defined Benefit Pension Plans of Fire, Police and Non-uniform employees

Notice is hereby given that the City of Hazleton is seeking proposals for Investment Management Professional Services. Written proposals, in accordance with the specifications and procedures identified in a RFP, available from the Mayor's Office or downloaded below, will be received at the following address:

Attn:  Mayor Joe Yannuzzi
City of Hazleton
40 North Church Street, 2nd Floor
Hazleton, PA 18201
(570) 459-4910
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposals must be received no later than August 21, 2014.

Services for which Proposals are Sought: Investment management of the defined benefit plans of Fire, Police and Non-uniform employees of the City of Hazleton

Specifications Relating to the Services: Firms submitting proposals shall demonstrate knowledge of and experience with the investment management of municipal pension plans, and experience and expertise in performing the work involved in the RFP.

Procedures to Compete for the Contracts: Applicants shall complete proposals in accordance with the RFP available at the City of Hazleton website.


Submit proposal to the City of Hazleton by August 21, 2014. After verification by the City that the proposals are complete, The City will evaluate and interview the qualification and experience of each firm submitting a proposal and will select the most qualified firm.

Required Disclosures: All disclosures required under Act 44 of 2009, including, but not limited to, disclosure by each person, including subcontractors who will be providing services to the City of Hazleton of the following: a description of the responsibilities of each person providing services under the contract; whether the individual is now or was a City of Hazleton official or employee; whether each individual was employed or compensated by a third-party to communicate with a City of Hazleton official or employee, contributions in the past five years of at least $500 made to a City of Hazleton officials, whether a former City of Hazleton employee has participated in the submission, review or negotiation of the proposal; gifts to any City of Hazleton official or employee; the existence of any financial, commercial, or business relationship with a City of Hazleton official, the retention of any third-party intermediary, agent or lobbyist and his or her duties; whether there has been any communication with the City of Hazleton following the publication of this advertisement. See Disclosure form in the RFP for additional details.

Mayor Joe Yannuzzi
City of Hazleton


-Sponsored by-
The City of Hazleton Recreation Department

Recreation Director Program Supervisor
Fred Barletta Michael Joseph

Program is open to ALL Hazleton Area School District Residents.
(Including students who attend Parochial or Private Schools.)

Read more: Tony Farnell's Saullo-Serany Basketball Program

-Sponsored by-
The City of Hazleton Recreation Department

Open to ALL Boys and Girls ages 7-12

Read more: Tony Farnell's Sandlot Slugger Baseball Camp

mayor-joe-yannuzzi.jpgDear residents and visitors,

Welcome to the City of Hazleton’s website. I trust that you will find our site helpful as you learn more about our city’s services and Hazleton itself.

The goal of this site, which was funded several years ago through grants awarded to the city’s Office of Economic and Community Development, is to provide information about Hazleton and northeastern Pennsylvania. By browsing this site, you’ll find out just some of the reasons why Hazleton is special.

Built upon a foundation of coal mining and evolving to meet the diverse needs of today’s residents and businesses, Hazleton is part of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Hazleton can claim an excellent location near the crossroads of Interstates 80 and 81 and easy access to other major transportation routes, in addition to a workforce that is consistently highly rated. These factors give us a unique advantage in economic development. If you are considering locating your business in Greater Hazleton, please review the Economic Development section of this site to learn more.

Read more: Letter from the Mayor

The 2014 budget for the City of Hazleton as passed 02-11-2014 may be downloaded using the link below:

pdf2014 City of Hazleton budget - passed on 02-11-20141.1 MB

annual-action-plan-2014Download the 2014 Action Plan for the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania:

pdfHazleton 2014 Annual Action Plan








Street sweeping season is now in effect until the end of October, weather permitting. Signs will be posted (EMERGENCY-NO PARKING) and residents are asked to park accordingly. Street sweeping will begin at 7:00 am. Streets to be swept on Monday will be posted on the previous Friday. THE CITY IS ASKING ALL RESIDENTS TO PLEASE SWEEP THE DEBRIS OFF OF THEIR SIDEWALKS INTO THE STREETS. If you did not have an opportunity to sweep off your sidewalks prior to your street being cleaned, please call the Department of Public Works at 570-454-2418.

THOSE IN VIOLATION WILL BE FINED, AND VEHICLES WILL BE TOWED IN ACCORDANCE WITH ORDINANCE 2009-24. To view Ordinance 2009-24, click on the following link:

REGULAR STREET SWEEPING BEGINS MONDAY, JUNE 2, 2014. Please park according to the signs posted in your neighborhood.

Street sweeping will be done on these scheduled days WEATHER PERMITTING. If the weather does not permit it, it will be done the following workday.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at 570-459-4916 or 570-454-2418.



654-n-locustYou Can Own This Home!

pdf654 N. Locust Street, Hazleton, Home Information Packet (2-page PDF)593.94 KB

654 N. Locust Street

Totally rehabilitated home available for sale!

  • Financing available through local banks
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance available
  • Affordable pricing

Learn more from the information packet download above.

cover-cranberry-walnutYou Can Own a Home!

pdfCranberry Walnut Street Neighborhood Information Packet (3-page PDF)567.55 KB

Cranberry Walnut Street Neighborhood

Totally rehabilitated homes available for sale!

  • Financing available through local banks
  • Down payment and closing cost assistance available
  • Affordable pricing
  • Close to downtown stores, restaurant, hospital and playground

Learn more from the information packet download above.

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