2017-18 Amending Chapter 203 (Solid Waste) of the Hazleton City Code, and Ordinance 95-18 Regarding the Appropriate Placement of Garbage Containers
2017-18 - Amending Ordinance 2017-12 Garbage Collection and Disposal
2017-15 - Defining Vicious Dog Ordinance
2017-14 - Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
2017-11- Outdoor Burning Ordinance
Amending Ordinance 2012-25 Establishing a Registration and Licensure Program for All Residential Rental Properties, All Institutional Occupancies, and Daycare Facilities, Section 7, Subsection b (Fees)
Approving the Sale of 2016 Tax Claims
Modifying Consolidated Plan For CDBG Program Year 2012
Appeals for Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) Violations
Medical Marijuana
Towing Ordinance
Parking Regulations
Time of Placement of Garbage Ordinance
Nuisance Abatement Ordinance
Work Authorization Permit Ordinance
BYOB Ordinance
Parking for Businesses
Real Estate Tax Rate
Real Estate, Earned Income, Per Capita, and Resident Taxes
Mercantile and Business Privilege Tax
Stormwater Collection and Management Fees
Stormwater Collection and Management Plan
Noise Ordinance
Registration and Licensure Program for All Residential Rental Properties, All Institutional Occupancies, and Daycare Facilities
Public Drunkenness Ordinance
Prohibiting Graffiti and Providing for Removal
Licensing of Secondhand Goods and Dealers
Curfew at City Parks and Playgrounds
Limitation on Number of Permitted Animals
Curfew for Minors Ordinance
Rental Property Heating Temperature and Heating Season
Handicapped Parking Fee Increase
Cost of First Re-Inspection for Retail Food Facilities
Downtown Overlay District Review
Downtown Overlay District
Retail Food Facility Inspection and Licensing
Business Permits and Licenses
Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia Ordinance
Illegal Bath Salts Ordinance
Prohibiting the Use of Interior Furniture Outside
Snow Ban Ordinance
Private Roads - Keeping Private Roads Clear of Snow and Ice
LERTA Ordinance
Certificate of Use and Occupancy
Dog Owner Responsibility Ordinance
Dangerous Dog Ordinance
Abandoned Vehicles
Weed Control Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance
Animal Control, Spaying and Neutering, and Licensing

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