For tax-related questions regarding a specific property or individual taxpayer, please contact Berkheimer Associates directly at 570-459-4991.

For general tax-related questions, contact the Office of Administration at 570-459-4961.

Taxes collected in the city include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency and Municipal Services Tax (LST) - $52 per year.
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax - 1.5%.
  • Earned Income Tax - 1.35% for residents, of which 0.35% goes toward the pension fund; and 1.85% for non-residents, of which 0.85% goes toward the pension fund.
  • Per Capita Tax - $10.
  • Resident Tax - $5.
  • Real Estate Tax - 4.51 mills on all real estate classified as land and all real estate classified as buildings on land
  • Mercantile and Business Privilege Tax - 0.1% on retail sales, 0.1% on wholesale sales, and 0.2% on service/rental sales (based upon receipts from preceding years), which is equivalent to $1.00 for every $1,000. The first $5,000 is exempt.

Download the 2016 Real Estate Tax Rate Ordinance

Download the 2016 Realty Transfer Tax Ordinance

Download 2016 Mercantile and Business Privilege Tax Ordinance

Download the 2016 Act 2015 Ordinance

Download the Local Services Tax (LST) Ordinance

Download the 2016 Earned Income, Real Estate Transfer, Per Capita and Resident Tax Ordinance

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